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“ARE THEY BEING SERVED?” written by Dr. Sita Sekhar, Dr. Meena Nair and Venugopal Reddy published in 2005 by the Association for Promoting Social Action (APSA) and Public Affairs Centre (PAC) with support from the WaterAid India, is citizen report card on public services for the poor in peri-urban areas of Bangalore.

The urban poor constitute a substantial percentage of the population in a city or any urban area. While they contribute significantly to the ‘informal’ sector of the city, most of the city development plans do not acknowledge the same and the process of marginalisation of the urban poor continues geographically also especially to slums in the city outskirts or the peri-urban areas. Studies carried out in such settlements have highlighted the gross neglect that is shown to the residents, with regard to provision of most of the public services, including drinking water and sanitation. With this background in mind, the Association for Promoting Social Action (APSA) decided to carry out a Citizen Report Card in four slums located in the peri-urban areas of Bangalore city with particular respect to the basic amenities of water and sanitation, in partnership with Public Affairs Centre (PAC). This report is based on the findings from a CRC that was carried out in four slums located in two CMCs (City Municipal Corporations) of Bangalore city.

The following report was carried out to assess the water and sanitation services that are provided to the urban poor located in two CMCs. The feedback received from the citizens of these CMCs have been analysed and their ‘voice’ presented through the findings in the report.

The rest of the report is divided into four sections. Section II provides a detailed profile of the study areas, viz. the four slums. While major findings on drinking water are presented in Section III, the same for sanitation is provided in Section IV and on health in Section V. Lastly, Section VI of the report summarizes the conclusions and provides policy implications with regard to the findings of the report.

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