Maharashtra has highest urban population

Mumbai: Maharashtra has the highest number of people living in urban centres at 50.8 million with Mumbai, Thane, Nagpur and Pune being the most urbanised districts, and Gadchiroli, Sindhudurg and Hingoli being the least urbanised, according to Census of India 2011.

With an urban population of 45.23 per cent, Maharashtra is the third most urbanised state after Tamil Nadu (48.45 per cent) and Kerala (47.72 per cent). At the national level, 31.16 per cent of the country's people live in towns and cities. During the last decade, 2001-2011, over 15.49 million people — 9.72 million in urban and 5.76 million in rural areas — were added to Maharashtra's population which now stands at 112,372,972. During this period, 62.8 per cent of the population was in added urban areas. People living in Maharashtra's cities constitute 13.5 per cent of India's urban population, followed by Uttar Pradesh (44.4 million) at 11.8 per cent and Tamil Nadu (34.9 million) at 9.3 per cent. Read More


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