Menstrual Hygiene

Eco-friendly napkins, other innovations for menstrual health

New Delhi, June 1, 2014: Bio-degradable and pocket friendly cotton pads and menstrual cups are among numerous innovations available in the market today to help the sanitary needs of women and girls during menstruation. 

Indian Girls Break Taboos on Menstrual Hygiene

Bettiah, India, May 28 2014: Fifteen-year-old Nasreen Jehan, a student in the eastern Indian state of Bihar, proudly flaunts a yellow and red beaded bracelet encircling her wrist. This humble accessory, she tells IPS, is her most treasured possession.

“It helps me keep track of my menstrual calendar,” says the 9th-grader, who attends a government-run, all-girls school in a town called Bettiah. “Also, it helps me talk about menstruation with my friends.”

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