About Us

The India Sanitation Portal is an open, inclusive, web-based platform for sharing sanitation knowledge amongst practitioners and the general public.

It aims to draw on the rich experience of sanitation-sector experts, package their knowledge and add value to it through technology and then disseminate it to a larger audience through the internet. The Portal seeks to address the knowledge asymmetry by sharing best practices, advocating sustainable approaches, bringing transparency of public data and information, and by spreading awareness. We believe that the India Sanitation Portal has the potential to catalyse change on a large-scale by this sharing of knowledge leading to improved practices and informed debates.

Essentially, the Sanitation Portal grew out of the felt need for a single location pulling together various resources in the area of sanitation

India Sanitation Portal was launched at SACOSAN in November 2008, by the then Speaker of the Lok Sabha Shri Somnath Chatterjee.

The India Sanitation Portal was conceived as a collaborative effort between several organisations in the sector, viz, Arghyam (http://arghyam.org), WaterAid India (http://www.wateraid.org/india/), Water for People (http://www.waterforpeople.org/), Department of Drinking Water and Sanitation, Government of India (http://ddws.gov.in/) , WASH Institute (http://www.washinstitute.org/), WES-Net(http://www.wesnetindia.org/), UNICEF India (http://www.unicef.org/india/), Wherever the Need (http://www.wherevertheneed.org.uk/), Stockholm Environment Institute (http://sei-international.org/), Plan India (http://www.planindia.org/), and Water and Sanitation Program (http://www.wsp.org/)

We are keen to involve many more partners to expand the knowledge base and the reach in the sanitation sector. If you are working in the Sanitation sector and would like to join us, please do contact us at contact@indiasanitationportal.org