Japan home to world's most sophisticated toilets

Japan, June 3, 2014: Japan is home to the world's most sophisticated toilets, with consumers being able to choose from gold-plated and aquarium-equipped models, as well as one commode that gives the user the feeling of being a ski jumper.

Foreigners visiting Japan are often fascinated with the intricate features offered by toilet manufacturers.

Many modern Japanese toilets have bidets (a stream of water the temperature and pressure of which can be regulated), heated seats and a sound system that allows the user to simulate a flushing sound to mask unpleasant noises without actually wasting any water.

Designers continue working to create the "perfect toilet", producing commodes with extravagant, surprising and provocative features that have turned the devices themselves into attractions.

The Robot Restaurant in Tokyo's Shinjuku district has gold-plated toilets surrounded by psychedelic tiles from seven countries.

"The establishment is very protective of its interior design and other details," Robot Restaurant spokesman Yumi Ito told Efe.

The construction of the Robot Restaurant cost 10 billion yen ($98 million), Ito said.

The bathrooms at the Madarao Kogen Resort in the northern region of Nagano allow visitors to get into a Nordic mood at the ski facility, which hosted the 1998 Winter Olympics.

Japanese consumers can also choose toilets equipped with computers, telephones and printers, making it hard for people to avoid working even during personal time. (Source: IANS)

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