Baseline Survey 2012: All India Abstract Report

New Delhi, Mar 22, 2013: As per the recent video conferencing by Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation (MDWS) on 22nd March, 2013 a review of the progress made by state on Base Line Survey (BLS), Project Implementation Plan (PIP) and conversion of insanitary latrine into sanitary latrine was done.



As per the review, following are the key highlights of few states. 


  • AP:  BLS is still in progress

  • Jharkhand: BLS will be completed by 10th April. Districts are instructed to indentify the insanitary latrine as per the list of GP provided by RGI

  • Karnataka: BLS completed. PIP will be submitted by 1st week of April. Instruction to concerned is issued to identify the insanitary latrine and the list will submitted by 3rd week of April

  • Odisha: BLS is completed for 30 districts. Put up for approval of State Scheme Sanctioning Committee. As per dist. Report no dry latrine in the dist but the identification yet to be done with help of PRI

  • TN: BLS is under progress and completed by end of April.

  • CH: BLS in 9774 GP completed. BLS will be submitted by end of April. No case of night soil removal by human is reported

  • MP: BLS for preparing PIP is completed. Upload the data by 10th April. PIP will be submitted by May. Identification of insanitary latrine is ongoing

  • UP: BLS completed. 50 districts report are obtained. PIP will be submitted by end of April. 1,47,000 dry latrine identified and out of which 57,000 have been converted. (Source: MDWS)

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