Unicef, USAID demand more funds for public sanitation

Islamabad, July 3, 2013: Unicef and USAID demanded government of Pakistan for more allocation of funds for provision of proper sanitation facilities to public otherwise be ready to spend more money to control diseases. On the sidelines of workshop on sanitation on Tuesday, Joseph Tritscheler, Office for Disaster Assistance of USAID exclusively talking with News Agency said that USAID also working in disaster hit areas and providing hygiene kits.
He said whenever and wherever disaster hits, his organisation provides support to affected people with Water, Sanitation, shelter Hygiene (WASH). He informed that they are also supporting livelihood activities for affected areas. While responding to a question, Joseph agreed that these supports are not whole solution for the affected people but some sort of help for them.
Talking regarding United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGS) in Sanitation sector said that still Pakistan is far behind to achieve these goals. He said Pakistan should give priorities to MDGS. He said government should also take initiatives to keep distance between drinking and sanitations pipes from each other, otherwise mixing with each other drinking water can be polluted and people caught diseases. Simone Klawitter, Head of Water, Sanitation and Hygienne (WASH), Unicef said that Pakistan reached to level of MDGS in water and still for behind in sanitation.
She said that still 43 million populations don't have proper sanitation facilities. Pakistan still spending less money on sanitation which is needed to further enhanced, she said. Otherwise be ready to spend many more on diseases control, she said. She said that donor's also more spending on nutrition programs than sanitation and demanded from them to spend more on sanitation, because until and unless not proper hygienic environment provided, diseases can't be controlled. (Source: News Network International, 2013)

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