Disaster management awareness for self-help group members

Disaster management is the keyword today with earthquakes, tsunami, drowning or floods having a tell-tale impact on the lives of people and Vijayawada Municipal Corporation chose to impart training to members of self-help groups in the city to overcome such situations.


Main aspect of creating such an awareness was to reduce the total loss during such natural calamities, Additional Commissioner (General) P. Venkataramana told the leaders of the self-help groups in the city and wanted them to spread this awareness among all the group members by repeating what they had learned during the training programme.


The Additional Commissioner said the SHG members were chosen strategically from different locations of the city that were prone to different kinds of calamity so that they could understand the standard procedures to follow during those situations.


Disaster Management project coordinator Usha said these women were being trained to do multi-tasking and their capacities being built to tackle all kinds of situations.


The GUARD organisation, which had been helping the VMC in the training aspects was represented by its director Koteswara Rao explained about the cyclones in the district and kinds of damage they could deal to the population.


Course director A. Nirmala Devi spoke on sanitation and shelter protection.


(Source: The Hindu)

29-05-2015 | Posted by Admin