NSSO Survey reveals poor barely survive on Rs. 17 a day

New Delhi, June 21, 2013: While the urban rich thrive on Rs. 343 a day and rural rich on about Rs. 150, in sharp contrast the poorest of poor in the country barely survive on Rs. 23 a day in cities and Rs. 17 per day in villages , as per the latest data released by the National Sample Survey Office (NSSO).
According to the latest data released by NSSO on Thursday for 2011-12 (July-June), 5% population on the top end of the spectrum had an average monthly per capita expenditure (MCPE) of Rs. 10,282 in urban areas and Rs. 4,481 in rural areas. While the lower end of the order had an MCPE of Rs. 700.50 (Rs. 23 a day) in urban areas and Rs. 521.44 (Rs. 17 a day) in rural areas.
NSSO’s 68th round of survey is based on samples consisting of 7,496 villages in rural India and 5,263 urban blocks except some remote areas, during July 2011—June 2012. On an average on the all—India basis, MPCE was around Rs. 1,430 for rural India and about Rs. 2,630 for urban India.
“Thus average urban MPCE was about 84% higher than average rural MPCE for the country as a whole, though there were wide variations in this differential across states,” the data says.
For the average rural Indian, food accounted for 52.9% of the value of consumption during 2011-12. This included 10.8% for cereals and cereal substitutes, 8% for milk and milk products, 7.9% on beverages, refreshments and processed food, and 6.6% on vegetables.
Among non-food item categories, fuel and light for household purposes (excluding transportation) accounted for 8%, clothing and footwear for 7%, medical expenses for 6.7%, education for 3.5%, conveyance for 4.2%, other consumer services (excluding conveyance) for 4%, and consumer durables for 4.5%.
For the average urban Indian, 42.6% of the value of consumption was accounted for by food, including 9% by beverages, refreshments and processed food, 7% by milk and milk products, and 6.7% by cereals and cereal substitutes. Education accounted for 6.9%, fuel and light for 6.7%, conveyance 6.5%, and clothing and footwear 6.4%.
The NSS consumer expenditure survey aims at generating estimates of household and its distribution, separately for states and other socio-economic groups.
The survey said only about 10% of the rural population reported household MPCE above Rs. 2,296 and merely 5% above Rs. 2,886. It also said only about 10% of the urban population reported household MPCE above Rs. 4,610 and merely 5% reported MPCE above Rs. 6,383.
At the all-India level, average wages received by regular wage and salaried employees was Rs. 396 per day which was Rs. 299 in rural areas and Rs. 450 in urban areas, it said.
In rural areas, wages received per day by a regular wage salaried employee was Rs. 322 for males and Rs. 202 for females, indicating female-male wage ratio as 0.63. In urban areas, it was Rs. 470 for males and Rs. 366 for females, indicating the female-male wage ratio as 0.78, the survey said.
These indicators by the NSSO are amongst the most important measures of the level of living of the people and are crucial inputs for estimation of prevalence of poverty by the Planning Commission. (Source: News Bharati English)

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