The right to sanitation in Nepal: what's the verdict?

During a recent visit to Nepal, researchers from the United Kingdom's Department for International Development Mary Ann Brocklesky and Rebecca Scott shared their verdict on the state of the right to sanitation in Nepal.


During their stay, the researchers met with a range of civil society organisations to discuss the right to sanitation in Nepal in order to understand their work, their partners, the sector and assess the state of sanitation in Nepal. They went on various FANSA member field visits to get an idea of whether the government's policy has had any impact on the ground.


They also held focus group discussions with sanitation leaders of five municipalities in the Kathmandu Valley along with the water and sanitation utility authorities to understand the sanitation scenario and challenges faced by municipalities providing sanitation facility to the Kathmandu dwellers.


The final research findings will be prepared in early 2011 and be made available through the FAN as well as through DFID UK. Read More

22-05-2015 | Posted by Admin