Sanitation schemes and biogas digesters, from Gwalior Childrens Hospital, Madhya Pradesh (Comparative Experiences, advice)

Original Query: Dr. B K Sharma, Gwalior Childrens Hospital, Madhya Pradesh

Posted: 9 December 2005

Dear friends,

I am posting this query on behalf of Gwalior Childrens Hospital, a grassroots organization in Madhya Pradesh. We are working in Gwalior and Chambal region especially in rural areas and building the Orphanage- Snehalaya near village Sikroda, where there is no infrastructure for sanitation at present. We are hoping to cater for 100 children and adults in its first phase though shall expand it to accommodate 500 children and adults there ultimately. We need to construct toilets and drains as well as to sort and compost organic waste in Snehalaya. We are searching for technical expertise in constructing these and linking them to a biogas digester to which animal waste can also be added.

My request to the Network Members is to share your experiences while working with similar community sanitation schemes that use biogas digesters, and information on the relevant technologies that have proved efficient and easy to maintain. I also request you to suggest names of persons or organizations in India that design such systems and supervise their construction.

Many thanks for your help.

09-12-2005 | Posted by Admin