Self-flushing, hi-tech toilets to come up in Mumbai city

Navi Mumbai, Feb 5, 2014: The state's first e-toilet, which will give you automated entry at the drop of a coin and flush itself at arrival and exit, is going to debut in Navi Mumbai. Such hi-tech toilets are already there in Delhi and Kerala.

Aware that several people still defecate in the open, the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) is setting up technology-driven toilets to curb the menace. The civic body has undertaken the first e-toilet project in Maharashtra on pilot basis in sector 15 of CBD Belapur. "The foundation process has begun for installing e-toilets," city mayor Sagar Naik told TOI.

Those wanting to make use of e-toilets will have to insert a coin (one or two rupees depending on the rate that NMMC decides) before entering the premises. The sensor fitted within the toilet will automatically flush on entry and exit of the person, entering the premises.

Though the first citizen of the satellite city is excited about the new project, urban experts are little skeptical about its success in the region due to dense population and maximum utilization of 'sulabh shauchalaya'. "One has to ensure that the place is not misused by anti-social elements or by others for wrong purpose," said one of the urban planners.

The mayor admitted that there are certain concerns with the implementation of these public toilets. "We are working to find solution to the problems. Installing close circuit television (CCTV) to monitor the premises may be one solution," Naik said. He added that if the pilot project is successful, many such toilets will be installed at other places in Navi Mumbai.

Asked about the expense that would be incurred for installing the technology driven toilet, Naik said, "One of the companies in e-toilet business has offered to do a pilot project, free of cost. If the project is successful, then the civic body will take a call on issues like cost, number of toilets needed to be installed in the satellite city."

Many civic officials are of the opinion that irrespective of the cost of the project, if the e-toilets are successful, then it would change the sanitation condition in Navi Mumbai. "Use of sensors for flushing purpose and switching off fans and lights would help save water and energy," the official added. (Source: Sanjeev Shivadekar, TNN)

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