IDSP report warns of rise in typhoid, diarrhoea cases

Bhopal, Aug 12, 2013: With four deaths attributed to diarrhoea after drinking contaminated water in August, Integrated Disease Surveillance Project (IDSP) in its weekly report has warned of a rise in cases of typhoid and diarrhoea among others in Bhopal district, according to health officials.

Monsoon and waterlogging has added to the problem. "Water-borne illness is completely preventable and steps are being taken to identify areas which reported most cases of water-borne diseases," said district chief medical and health officer (CMHO) Dr Pankaj Shukla. He claimed that contaminated water sources in rural areas led to three deaths in Berasia and one in Misrod.

IDSP in its weekly surveillance forecast for the state capital has warned of increase in cases of typhoid, diarrhoea, viral hepatitis, gastroenteritis and cholera. Last month, IDSP reported some 13,000 diarrhoea cases in Bhopal. According to government data, some 750 hepatitis cases and 180 cases of typhoid have also been reported this year.

District health officials also indicated that OPD cases in hospital may go up after a lull in monsoon conditions. However, on the basis of doctors' reports, cases of malaria shows increasing pattern in Gandhi Nagar. District malaria office has confirmed rise in Kolar and Bhopal urban area and cases of viral fever have nearly doubled in the past week in the same area.

It's not just water which is causing the problem, said gastroenterologist Dr Sanjay Kumar of Gastro Care. "Youngsters eating out at unhygienic stalls fall victim the most. By eating and maintaining hygiene 80% of the problems can be avoided," he added. (Source: TNN)

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