Demand for Women's Toilets

Nashik, May 6, 2013: The need to build new public toilet facilities in the city for women will be raised by a corporator during the general body meeting of Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) on Tuesday.
NCP corporator of prabhag 9 (B) Kavita Kardak is demanding that every prabhag should have toilets for women. She says that the city does not have sufficient public toilet facilities for women and the existing ones are not well maintained. She feels that construction of toilets for women should be given preference.
"There are not many toilet facilities for women. Women often complain that the existing ones are dirty and poorly maintained," said Kardak. She said that there should be at least four toilet units for women in each ward.
She said that though employees from the sanitation department routinely clean the facilities, people do not make proper use of it. (Source: Sumita Sarkar, Times News Network)

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