In Pune, 95 per cent schools don't meet all 10 RTE norms

Pune, Aug. 14, 2013: Around 95.5% schools in Pune district don't comply with the 10 infrastructural parameters under Right To Education (RTE) Act, 2009. This was revealed in the District Information System for Education (DISE) report for 2012-13 prepared by the education department.

Of the 6,849 schools in Pune district, only 308 schools fulfil all RTE parameters. Even worse is that barely 289 schools comply with less that five norms. The 10 RTE parameters include a building, office-cum-store-cum-headmaster room, one classroom for every teacher, ramp, separate toilets for boys and girls, drinking water facility, kitchen shed, boundary wall and playground.

As per the rules, student-classroom ratio (SCR) should be less than 30 at primary level and less than 35 at upper primary level. As per the report, there are 481 primary schools in Pune district where SCR ratio is more than the permissible limit, while 858 upper primary schools have SCR more than the prescribed 35.

As far as the availability of potable and adequate drinking water in district schools is considered, 6,785 schools have drinking water facility but the remaining are yet to meet the requirement.

The report states that 5,498 schools have separate toilets for boys and 6,768 schools have separate toilets for girls. But 1,351 schools still need separate boys' toilets and 81 schools need toilets for girls.

When it comes to making schools disabled-friendly, a whopping 91.6 per cent government and local body run schools in the district have ramps. However, private schools do not seem to share the same enthusiasm with only 25.6 per cent, 30.9 per cent and 35.8 per cent private aided, private unaided and unrecognised schools respectively providing ramps.

"A different department should look after RTE implementation. Currently, the zilla parishad does it but they are understaffed and overworked," said Nilesh Borate, an educational activist. "Periodical monitoring should be done and follow-up action should be taken up to see if schools are complying with the parameters or not. Only consistent monitoring will improve the situation. RTE awareness among officials should be increased as many don't know about the law and hence the implementation suffers," he added. (Source: Ardhra Nair, Indian Express)

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