Goa: Over 20% state households lack electricity, sanitation

Panaji, April 4, 2014: Goa still ranks an undesirable ninth among states and union territories in the country with 20% of the state's households not having toilet facilities within its premises, according to statistics of the Planning Commission. Another 18% in supposedly one of the most developed states in the country do not have access to treated water.

Lakshadweep, Kerala and Delhi are the best ranked in the country where toilet facilities are concerned with only 2.2%, 4.8% and 10.5% households lacking an attached lavatory.

Goa has also been left behind in the ranking by most of India's north eastern states.

The state ranks fourth after Chandigarh, Puducherry and Himachal Pradesh in providing access to treated water to its population. But if Goa has not done better despite a more manageable land area and population, it is probably because of the floating migrant population.

The Planning Commission data is derived from Census 2011 and census officials admit that temporary dwellings of migrant workers at construction sites accommodated as 'households' in the census data is one of the reasons for the poor indicators in the census figures.

In case of 20% of these households, census data indicates that the residents either make use of public toilets, toilets where the night soil is let out into open drains, waste taken care of by animals or just defecate in the open.

In case of households that do not have access to treated water, census data indicates that sources used for untreated drinking water include wells, rivers, canals, tanks, lakes, ponds, tubewells and handpumps.

After Punjab, Chandigarh and Puducherry, Goa has the highest number of households that have television sets. But, 26% households in Goa still do not have electricity and are lit using wood, crop residue, cow dung and kerosene.

It is no surprise then that only 53% of Goa's population possesses a mobile phone as compared to 72% in Andaman & Nicobar Islands, 68% of Delhi and 67% of Sikkim. (Source: TNN)

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