International Year of Sanitation 2008 Advocacy Kit

"International Year of Sanitation 2008 Advocacy Kit", have been made available on the website of Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC). It contains comprehensive information on sanitation issues based on the IYS 5 key messages: sanitation is vital for human health, generates economic benefits, promotes dignity and social development, protects the environment and is achievable. The kit contains fact sheets, booklets, a poster, a communication matrix (communicating the 5 messages to different stakeholders — from households, to teachers, to religious leaders to politicians), an advocacy guide, talking points on sanitation, radio interviews, useful links, and interviews with sanitation experts and more.
Go through the Kit material on the WSSCC site

The kit contains a booklet that summarizes briefly why sanitation matters, detailed fact sheets on the links between sanitation and health, economic development, social development and dignity, and environment, a matrix that demonstrates clearly that the sanitation crisis affects everyone and that everyone can contribute to solving it, a list of useful websites, PowerPoint presentations, talking points on sanitation, resource-materials, photos and a poster. Transcripts of recorded interviews with leading experts and an advocacy guide complete the kit.
Further, discuss the impact of the kit were able to help bring about change in the lives of the 2.6 billion people who currently lack access to adequate sanitation. It also provides the latest statistics, advocacy and communication tips, resource-materials and links to places where more information can be found in English, French and Spanish.

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