Software to access India's census data launched

New Delhi, Dec. 17, 2012: CensusInfo India, a new user-friendly database software to help people access, use and understand the statistical data of India's latest population and housing census, was launched in the capital on Monday.


"The CensusInfo India software is an innovative and flexible database technology. It helps the public to easily access, use and understand the statistics provided in the population and housing census, 2011, and reduces the burden of statistical drudgery," register general and India's census commissioner C Chandramouli said.


He added that data from other censuses would also be incorporated in the CensusInfo India module.


The software was developed by United Nations' statistics division in partnership with United Nations Children's Fund ( Unicef) and United Nation Population Fund ( UNFPA). "The software helps to disseminate their census results at any relevant geographical level like state and district level.


"The user is able to extract information quite easily with the help of descriptive charts and maps depicting the data. They can also compare the census 2001 statistics. Searching for census statistics is not monotonous anymore, but a enjoyable experience," an official said.


CensusInfo India provides access to consolidated data on indicators like total number of houses, household amenities and assets at state as well as district level. "The house listing and housing census has immense utility as it provides comprehensive data on the conditions of human settlements and housing deficit. So the easily available data can be used by departments of the central and state governments as well as NGOs," Chandramouli said. (Source: IANS) 

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